Why be a Poolside Helper?

Most parent when their child first starts to swim in a competitive swimming club have no idea of what is required or what is expected of them. The terminology is alien and just keeping your head above water when dealing with competition entries can be difficult.

Generations of swim parents will tell you that the quickest way to get up to speed is to get involved. Being a Poolside Helper has the unique advantage of not only getting you as a parent involved but also allowing you to work alongside your child’s squad coach. You will quickly learn the terminology and get first hand advice from the squad coach on a number of issue, while also contribute an invaluable service towards the young swimmers.

Being a Poolside Helper can also be a gateway into swim coaching if that is where your aspirations lie. You will have gained a real understanding into swimming techniques and competition rules, and have hands on experience with working with young groups of swimmers. Scottish Swimming are very keen to promote the benefits of Poolside Helper. They have provides a job description and a handbook to assist with the role.

Poolside Helper role